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Strategic Consulting and Roadmaps

We work with our clients to fully understand their business and its challenges to develop business-focused, solution-oriented roadmaps to deliver value across all business functions.

Custom Web and Application Development

Our development team knows the game of business and delivers custom built solutions far beyond just web-based tools to meet our clients’ unique requirements across an array of technology platforms, while staying within time and budget.

Custom Business Intelligence(BI) Solutions

We help our clients develop highly scalable, custom BI solutions to improve the performance of data-centric processes across their entire organisational structure.

Data Driven Solutions

Data to Information. Infomation to Insights. Insights to Action.

About Us

BI Vision and Strategy

With Proof of Concept (POC) validation we perform in-depth assessments of our clients’ current infrastructure and assets to define targeted BI solutions and roadmaps.

Data Warehousing Design and Implementation

We use custom built ETL packages to aggregate, clean and load data from multiple data sources into optimised databases for efficient and secure access by our clients for their business and reporting requirements.


By using Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Simulation and or Optimization techniques to build the appropriate, targeted analytics platform to identify trends and patterns, we empower our clients to get greater insights and value from their data, helping them to make faster and more informed decisions.