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Behind every impressive business decision is the intelligent use of data.

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Custom Software Development

Because we understand how to integrate business and technology, we deliver custom built solutions to meet your company’s every need. We work closely with you to ensure desired outcomes within budget and on schedule.


Business Intelligence

Our specialists strategically integrate advanced Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to more efficiently improve data driven processes within your organizational workflow. We design and develop innovative and effective systems that are transformational – results guaranteed! Using Proof of Concept (PoC) validation we are well equipped to perform detailed assessments of your company’s operational infrastructure and assets. This allows us to sufficiently define targeted solutions and develop roadmaps to meet your operational needs. We use custom built ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) packages to aggregate, clean and load data from multiple sources into optimised databases for efficient and secure access.

Mobile Applications

Globally, the number of smartphone users is expected to reach 2.7 billion by 2019. There is no doubt that a vast number of your current and potential clients are connected to their mobile devices on an everyday basis. Our experts will help you capitalize on mobile technology to make your company accessible to the people you want to reach.


By using Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Simulation and or Optimisation techniques, we are able to design the best suited platforms to efficiently identify trends and patterns within your organization. We empower our clients with greater insights and value from their data which facilitates faster and more informed decisions.



In the technological age, websites are the new business cards. A strong and effective online presence is a vital business strategy which can boost your company’s visibility and thus, its reach to potential customers. Our qualified and experienced team can create visually attractive, user-friendly, affordable and efficient websites that suit your company’s needs, goals and target audience.


Strategic Consulting and Digital Roadmaps

Strategic Digital Roadmaps are an effective way to communicate technology and business strategies as well as coordinate plans and activities. Using modern technology, we work with you to develop business focused and solution oriented roadmaps that best fit your company’s goals. Our aim is to understand the strengths and challenges of your company in order to maximize capacity and produce service delivery excellence through solution oriented and business focused approaches.



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